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A Brief Resume

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DocSarahDr Sarah Andreae-Jones (Smith) MB BS

A brief resume:

I'm married with three children and live in the South-west, UK. I work part-time in an hospital-based Pain Management Unit and am patron of ASG in UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. I'm currently studying for an MSc in Pain Management via distance learning (Cardiff University.)
 I trained at the London Hospital Medical College (now known as the Royal London) 1981-1986, qualifying as MB BS (GMC Registration number 3165869)  
Although my health problems prevented me working for some years, I became involved with support groups including the UK charity, the Arachnoiditis Trust in early 1998.

I also joined the US based online groups, COFWA at around the same time and have had frequent contact with many arachnoiditis sufferers since then. I have also worked with the New Zealand-based group ASAMS, the Australian group CIAASA and the Cauda Equina Support Group (US-based).

I have published a variety of articles on arachnoiditis to help sufferers and their doctors understand this complex condition, including an extensive review in 2003 (available online).

My 1999 survey on over 300 patients with arachnoiditis was also published on the Internet.

I have also given a number of talks on arachnoiditis to a variety of audiences, both lay and professional, and participated in a video on the condition as well as being interviewed on radio and TV. 

I regularly receive mail from around the world and do what little I can to pass on balanced information and support. I do not, however, ever offer individual advice as this would be highly unethical.

Having experienced chronic pain myself for about 25 years, I hope that I can be of some help to others in similar situations.
  Sarah A. Andreae-Jones(Smith) MB BS, December 2004
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