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Recognising Depression

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Below are a few questions similar to those on an Online Depression Screening Test.

This may give an indication of the sort of problems commonly encountered in depression:

Form 1

All questions relate to duration of symptoms of more than 2 weeks. All should be answered with one of the following responses:

A. Never (0 points)

B. Rarely (0 points)

C. Sometimes (1 point)

D. Very Often (2 points)

E. Most of the time (3 points)

1.Have you felt sad, blue, unhappy or "down in the dumps"?

2. Have you felt more than usually tired, have low energy, or are unable to concentrate? 3.Have you felt uneasy, restless or irritable?

4.Have you had trouble sleeping? In particular, do you find you wake up early in the morning?

5. Have you found yourself with a reduced or increased appetite? 

6.Have you felt that you can no longer feel enjoyment in activities you used to find pleasant (not through physical inability)?

7. Have you felt that you have lost interest in sex or are you experiencing sexual difficulties?

8.Have you felt that it takes you longer than before to make decisions or that you are unable to concentrate?

9.Have you been feeling inadequate, like a failure or that nobody likes you anymore?

10.Have you been feeling guilty without a rational reason, or do you often put yourself down?

11.Do you feel that things always go or will go wrong no matter how hard you try?