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Now, in 2002, various groups are still trying to raise awareness of the issues relating to iophendylate-induced arachnoiditis.

Recently, an All Party Action Group of British MPs has been set up, although the Parliamentary Registrar has already tried to throw a spanner in the works by saying that the remit of the group is too narrow and that it should join another group, for instance, the Pharmaceutical Industries group!!

On 29th.July, 2002, the Australian Daily Telegraph ran a front-page story on Myodil.

The article quoted the New South Wales Government as saying that investigation

"is strictly a federal matter."

The State Health Minister has welcomed calls for an Inquiry but says it is the duty of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (the Australian equivalent of the FDA or MCA) to examine the effects of the dye.

He has apparently stated that

"They can't remain silent on that matter."

The article mentions the 1995 NSW Health Department radiology advisory committee, which stated that Myodil caused arachnoiditis (but advised that benefits outweighed risks.)

It also points out the current position assumed by Glaxo (as Glaxo Smith Kline):

"no conclusive evidence that Myodil causes arachnoiditis."     

Presumably they do not regard any of the 100 or so referenced papers quoted in this article as conclusive evidence, although I fail to see how much more information they could require!

There is also, in the States, an upcoming legal case against Alcon.