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In 1989, Wong et al. ([1]) described iophendylate-induced basal arachnoiditis. In the same year, Guyer

([2]) Wrote a paper published in the journal Spine, on the long-range prognosis of arachnoiditis.

Guyer noted Pantopaque as one of the causes of the condition, which was incurable and shortened lifespan by an average of 12 years.


[1] Wong CK, Woo E, Yu YL. Clin Exp Neurol. 1989; 26:199-204. Iophendylate-induced basal arachnoiditis.

[2] Guyer DW, Wiltse LL, Eskay ML, Guyer BH. Spine 1989 Dec; 14(12): 1332-41 The long-range prognosis of arachnoiditis.