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In 1947, Jaeger presented an important investigational study before the Philadelphia Neurological Society on April 25.

This was later published as an abstract in the journal "Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry"([1]).

The most vital statement he made was:

"Ethyl iodophenylundecylate is extremely toxic- even much more irritating than similar emulsions of the iodised oils previously used."

He also stressed the necessity of aspirating the dye after the imaging.

Meanwhile in England, Jephcott of the pharmaceutical company Glaxo seems to have come to some sort of arrangement with Kodak and the company began to produce iophendylate under the name Myodil.

(There was, however, no product licence until 1967, when the Medicines Control Agency was established.)

British Drug Houses (BDH) which was involved as a ?go between' for Kodak and Glaxo, was given sole distribution rights to market iophendylate as Ethiodan in Canada for 25 years.


[1] Jaeger R Arch. Neurol & Psychiatr. 1948; 62: 523 Irritating Effect of Iodized Vegetable Oils  on the Brain and Spinal Cord