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"A dark industry, watching to prevent us from using lights. I think that there is a formidable set of financial interests stacked against us finding out about the dangerous effects of chemicals."


(Dr. Rosenthal, at 1994 conference on Low-Level Exposure to Chemicals.)



"It seems unlikely that any solution of radiographic value will be found which is sufficiently harmless to justify its injection into the central nervous system."


Walter Dandy (neurologist who performed the first myelogram in 1919 using air)

This is the story of the myelographic dye iophendylate, marketed as Pantopaque in the USA and Myodil elsewhere.

It is a story of repeated misinformation and blatant deception, which has left untold numbers of victims incapacitated by an incurable neurological condition called adhesive arachnoiditis, which causes intractable pain and other debilitating losses of function.