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We have seen how the sympathetic nervous system has an important role to play in so many of our bodily functions; not only that, but there is a highly complex interplay between the sympathetic, parasympathetic systems and higher centres in the brain, which deal with voluntary control.

Unfortunately, such a complex system is not amenable to easy solutions when it misfires. As yet, there are no ?magic bullets'. However, some relatively simple strategies may be able to help make life a little bit easier to deal with.

Noting that arachnoiditis and CRPS share a great deal of presenting features, I also note that experts in CRPS strongly advise avoidance of invasive techniques; this of course concurs with the position of the Arachnoiditis Support Groups on this issue.

I shall be keeping abreast of developments in CRPS treatment.

Sarah Smith (nee Andreae-Jones) MB BS,
Patron of the ASG
November 2001.