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Specific Nerve Blocks

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1.      STELLATE GANGLION: in the neck; as local anaesthetic spreads, a hoarse voice may occur; mild Horner's syndrome is common.  This block has been used for upper limb Raynaud's, Meniere's syndrome, shingles and facial pain.
2.      CELIAC PLEXUS BLOCK: solar plexus;  has been used in acute pancreatitis as well as pancreatic cancer; abdominal pain.
3.      LUMBAR SYMPATHETIC BLOCK: at L2-4; used in renal colic, urinary/pelvic pain, phantom limb pain etc.
4.      SUPERIOR HYPOGASTRIC PLEXUS: lumbar sympathetic chains, and sacral parasympathetics: innervates the pelvic organs including the genitals and the colon; used to treat visceral pelvic pain.
5.      GANGLION IMPAR BLOCK: paired sympathetic chains terminate here at the sacrococcygeal junction; used to treat perineal pain.