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What MRI Scans Involve

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During the scan, you will lie on a narrow table, which is moved horizontally into a tunnel.

The tunnel is well lit and ventilated, but in some people may provoke claustrophobia.

Usually you will be given ear plugs as the scanning process can be very noisy.

You will be given a button to press if you should need assistance and the staff are in contact with you through an intercom type system.

If you are likely to feel agitated or distressed during the procedure, you may have a sedative (about 1 in 20 patients require medication).

Scans take about 20-40 minutes usually.

You will not be able to get any results at the end of the test, the radiologist's report being sent directly to the doctor who referred you for the scan.

MRI scans do not involve X-rays or other similar radiation.