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In Conclusion

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Arachnoiditis is not a condition that someone can deal with alone. All too often, lack of diagnosis has left the patient in the lurch.

It is vital that the patient, medical personnel, social support personnel, family (and perhaps friends) should all be involved.

By adopting a team approach the level of suffering of the patient and their nearest and dearest can be substantially alleviated.

A holistic (wholistic) approach such as a combination of all of the groups of treatment category described in this article goes some way towards improving the quality of life of arachnoiditis patients.

There is no yet...but nor is there the slightest excuse for lack of adequate palliative treatment.

"For all the happiness mankind can gain, is not in pleasure, but in rest from pain." (Dryden)

Sarah Andreae-Jones MB BS

Patron of ASG

October 2000.




1 Body systems include cardiovascular (heart, blood circulation), gastrointestinal (gut), respiratory (lungs and airways), nervous system (both central: brain, spinal cord and peripheral: other nerves), genitourinary (reproductive and urinary system), skin.

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