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Beliefs and Attitudes

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The following are statements that are mostly false, but if we believe them, can colour our perceptions about lack of sleep:

  • I need 8 hours sleep every night
  • if I don't get enough sleep at night, I need to catch up the next day by napping
  • if I go without sleep for 2 or 3 nights I may have a nervous breakdown
  • by staying in bed longer, I get more sleep and feel better the next day
  • if I can't sleep, the best thing is to stay in bed and try harder
  • if I don't sleep well, I won't be able to function the next day
  • when I feel anxious or depressed during the day, it is because I haven't slept well
  • I can't manage if I have disturbed sleep
  • I can't control my mind when it races at night.
  • if I can't overcome the insomnia, my life can't be enjoyable or productive.

Sleep hygiene

The following are points to ponder concerning our sleep hygiene: yes answers reveal areas that we need to consider changing in order to facilitate improved sleeping conditions.

  • do you have arguments in bed?
  • do you worry whilst you're in bed?
  • do you worry or feel apprehensive before you get into bed?
  • are you prone to clock-checking?
  • are you forcing sleep?
  • do you find you sleep better out of the bedroom? (able to fall asleep in front of the TV)
  • are you OK at weekends but not before work?
  • is your sleeping environment conducive: pleasant temperature and light level?