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Fatigue is not always regarded as a priority symptom in chronic illness but it can impact on every aspect of daily life. Not only can it be caused by the illness, but in turn it can magnify the symptoms we experience.

It may seem just an "inconvenience" to those who haven't had first hand experience of it, but the reality is that it can seriously reduce our quality of life. Some people regard it as the most disabling of all their symptoms.

However, with some careful planning and adjustment, it should be possible to avoid yo-yoing between overdoing things and being pole-axed, and find the middle ground in which we can accomplish those activities we need and wish to do.


 .  P Branas et al. Treatments for fatigue in multiple sclerosis: a rapid and systematic review. Health Technology Assessment 2000 4 (27)

*CFIDS - an alternative term for CFS and stands for Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.

Dr. Sarah Smith (nee Andreae-Jones) MB BS
September 2002