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General Tips on Management

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Empty your bladder completely: (see Crede manoeuvre below)

  • Use a ?clean technique' catherisation: clean equipment and washing hands before and after procedure
  • Keep skin dry and clean: harmful bacteria prefer moist skin and if leaked urine is present, risk of infection is greater. If there is leakage, it is important to change soiled clothes/pad immediately and wash the area if possible (wet wipes are handy for this and can be kept in a handbag or large pocket)
  • Drink plenty of fluids: steady intake of fluids encourages ?wash-out' of bacteria and reduces the risk of stone formation. Water is, of course, the best drink. An indwelling catheter requires high fluid intake (15 8oz glasses or 4 pints between breakfast and dinner).Keep bladder pressures low: empty the bladder on a regular schedule. If you are using ICP to manage bladder problems, you need to limit the bladder capacity to 400cc, (you can take in about 4floz per hour you are awake): drinking more overstretches the bladder. (higher risk of reflux or infection) Drinking more means more frequent catheterisation.
  • Take prescribed medication
  • Have a regular urologic check-up; 6 monthly scans/abdominal X-ray may be necessary.