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My dog has arthritis and the vet intends to try him with glucosamine. I am one step ahead of this, so to speak, at least in my own regard: I have been taking it for well over a year.

I must say that I am considerably better than I used to be; I still get problems with my joints, particularly my elbows for some reason (that might be linked to my psoriasis in that area).

However, I have not needed my hand/wrist splints nor my knee supports for some time now. I am no longer needing medication such as brufen, which is just as well as it gave me terrible abdominal pains.

I combine glucosamine with cod liver oil (old-fashioned, but a good remedy and has some scientific back-up these days) and I have recently changed from evening primrose oil to star flower, both good sources of GLA (evening primrose is the usual one to try) and with a reputation as anti-inflammatory.

I take a 1g of MSM a day, a sulphur-based supplement, which has helped, I believe, reduce inflammation; I also take 1g of vitamin C which acts in conjunction with the MSM. Magnesium has been postulated as helpful in fibromyalgia, and I do take this. (my other items in my regime are vitamin B complex, gingko, vitamin E but these are not for this type of problem)

Chondroitin is another supplement which is often combined with glucosamine and is beneficial in joint problems.

I always try to maintain a diet with plenty of potassium, which is in fruit and veg., particularly bananas.