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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Diagnosis requires: both major criteria, and either 8 minor symptom criteria, or 6 minor symptom criteria and 2 examination criteria

Major criteria

  • Fatigue: Relapsing or easily evoked
  • No resolution with bed rest
  • Severe: daily activity reduced by 50% for more than 6 months

Exclusion of other illnesses: including psychiatric

Minor symptom criteria

  • Fever or chills: Mild
  • Sore throat
  • Lymph node pain
    • Cervical (neck) or axillary (armpit)
  • Muscle discomfort or myalgia
  • Muscle weakness
    • Unexplained; Generalized
  • Fatigue: Generalized
    • After previously tolerated levels of exercise
    • Prolonged: more than 24 hours
  • Headaches: New; Generalized
  • Arthralgias (joint pain): Migratory; Non-inflammatory
  • Neuropsychiatric
    • Visual: Photophobia(intolerance of bright light); Transient scotoma (loss of part of visual field)
    • Behaviour: forgetfulness; irritability; Depression; Confusion
  • Sleep disturbance:  Insomnia  or increased need for sleep
  • Onset: Acute or subacute

Physical examination criteria

  • Low grade fever
  • Pharyngitis:
  • Lymph nodes: in the neck or armpit may be palpable or tender