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An engineer's point of view...

My hubby (an engineer), who is the first person to admit he sees things purely as a layman, has a refreshing take on arachnoiditis. Following our stay in Chambery and his conversations with people attending (doctors and patients), he has become an ambassador for the cause, often advising colleagues and acquaintances who have back trouble to steer clear of spinal injections and consider surgery only as a last resort, otherwise, as he puts it, the body will get 'annoyed', have a reaction causing lots of scar tissue that puts pressure on the spine and nerves.

His opinion on epidural blood patches for dural puncture is similarly down to earth - he thinks it's entirely bizarre to stick a needle into what he calls a 'hydraulic system' , lose fluid through it and then try to inject blood into the same hole.

A simplistic view, no doubt, but it kind of sums it all up in a nutshell!