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Waxing Lyrical about Lyrica?


Many thanks to those of you who have emailed to let me know your experiences with Pregabalin (trade name Lyrica). The results are mixed. Some people do seem to get a degree of pain relief from it, although often at high doses (max 600mg a day), but others either find it ineffective or have side effects such as feeling sleepy. It doesn't seem to cause the weight gain and difficulty thinking that Gabapentin does, but I have come across some people who have found they get very irritable on it, not like their normal selves.

Lyrica is supposed to be helpful for sleep and anxiety as well as for pain. Overall, again, it suits some people but not others.

So I'm afraid Lyrica is no wonder drug. It does have its uses and it is certainly worth a try, for nerve pain and/or difficult sleeping/anxiety. But, like all medication, it is no panacea. I must admit, given how complex chronic pain is, I don't foresee any single drug ever being the answer, but the search continues...


PS. If you decide to stop taking Pregabalin, you must do so gradually (get medical advice!)