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Steps - Inroduction

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Pain, pain, go away,

come back another day! to:

"If you find you can't work for the best possible result, then work for the best result possible." (Dr. Anna Kaiser Stearns)

This article will attempt to suggest a broad outline of ways in which to combat chronic illness that causes severe unremitting pain.

Richard Sternbach of the Pain Treatment Center at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation (USA) in his pamphlet

How Can I Learn To Live With Pain When It Hurts So Much? (1977, revised 1983)

1.    Accept the fact of your pain

2. Set specific goals of work, hobbies and social activities towards which you will work.

3. Let yourself get angry at your pain if it seems to be getting the best of you.

4. Pace your activities.

  • Get in shape, and keep fit
  • Learn to relax, and practice it

5. Time your medications, then taper off them

6. Have family and friends support only your healthy behaviour, not your invalidism.

7. Be open and reasonable with your doctor.

Here is a similar stepwise, but more detailed suggestion for arachnoiditis patients: