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Things that go bump in the night

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Things that go bump in the night...

...actually, that's mostly me, bumping me into things when I get up for the loo, or can't sleep and want a glass of water. And it's not just night time, although being in the dark makes things a lot worse. I'm forever falling into or over things! I've got bruises, even my bruises have more bruises on top of them (makes for interesting colour combinations.) I seem to manage to hit a particular spot on my left thigh so often the muscle now has a big dip in it.

I never use to be this clumsy: just another little gift from arach!) it's as if my brain forgets I have two sides to my body, it completely ignores my left side and tries to squeeze me through non-existent gaps.

This black and blue look is not good for bikinis I can tell you!


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