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blurred vision?
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TOPIC: blurred vision?

Re: blurred vision? 7 years, 1 month ago #1065

  • Kim
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Hi again Ginnie
Let me know about these sites, as I can't get them on the front page yet I can use the links on the forum
Thanks again Ginnie
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Re: blurred vision? 7 years, 1 month ago #1066

Hello again to you two.

Kim, you know what its not even steroids its epidural anesthetics due to childbirth. As far as an my neurologist said its over dosing and its the cocktail of anesthetics and opiods, subdural puncture plus spinal herniations and deformities, contrast agents and next to death experience. Now my neurologist don't advice me to have surgery because he said instead of it making me better he doubt it will be making me more worst. My MRI are not so clear but one who took a look at it said I could probably have a syrinx in my thoracic region which they mean can be a complication from i don't know if A or AA. So my numbness and prickling is not just at the lower extremities its on the upper as well were my disc herniation is. i think they even again broke my broken coccyx coz some of the symptoms i have are coccydynia related and my X-ray says it as well.

Ginnie, thanks for lifting me up can I say that. I have been undergoing psychomotricity psychomotor therapy ( here you'll find out how damage is your autonomic system because you'll see how different your body will respond to everything and your therapist will say it her self like your wrist and ankles are ice cold while your feet and hands are warm) and acupuncture ( a myofascial trigger point method ). Now i think i have to change my sentence from the first time into as far as the neurologist advice is concerned he is right and experience wise it does help me reduce the intake of the medicines i take because it helps my muscle to have less spasms but of course nothing for the internal pain. But good enough because specially today when I was reading Medscape there was this topic about Nsaids ... " the use is associated with an increase risk... cardiovascular and renal problems". Sorry not good in making summaries. So i guess i would rather have tolerable pain than more problem in me coz i am not sure where will this still leads me. Well of course I am now dependent on them coz they help me to be able to be a mom on daytime but i don't take my complete dose a day. I hope my stubborness wont mess up my insulin,adrenaline and cortisol.

Thanks so much for your support and time and sorry for the long post.

Always Maria

Re: blurred vision? 7 years, 1 month ago #1067

  • ginnie48
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Don't worry about your Sutbbornes Maria,I was told that MY Stubborness has kept me out of my wheelchair for a few years.Just so long as we don't mistake our stubborness for Pig Headiness!!I'm only just learning that giving in is not the same as giving up and am trying to be sensible.
I read somewhere that next time I'm tempted with a chocolate Bar or a piece of Cake,ask myself if I'd rather enjoy the 3 minutes it takes me to enjoy the chocolate,or,be able to look forward to seeing my first grandchild !!
I'm 62 years young,have been married to Richard for 37 years.We have a son and daughter a king charles cavalier called Georgie and a neurotic cat Tigger I was diagnosed with AA in 91.had a stroke in 2000.I also have Fibromyalgia and told I have diabetes type 2 in January.
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