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subject to scarring in other places?
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TOPIC: subject to scarring in other places?

subject to scarring in other places? 13 years ago #165

  • gmedic123
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since i am in s.c. usa there aren't any docs here with knowledge of Arachnoiditis. I was lucky to get a dx of it from a progressive neuro, but he says he doesn't have the knowledge to say what stage or classification mine falls under.

Anyway, I am hoping Doc Sarah or Kim can help me with a ?.

my neuro said not to have any invasive procedures done since my body has a scarring tendancy (ie; Arach) Now I have an ortho who wants to try to fix a frozen shoulder with a steroid injection. My instincts say \"no way\"!; no more scarring chances- my arach is from surgery and/or injections. this doc says there are no chances of xtra scarring for shoulder joint w/ injection due to no Arachnoid space and it could help the pain and ROM.

What do you think Doc Sarah? any related scarring issues? Do \"A\" people scar more in general?
Oh ! by the way I have also had to have a \"veil\" of scar tissue removed from my urterus, ovaries and lower GI area that had all of them \"tied\" together. I don't know if that makes any difference.

Thanks for your advice- Gina

Re:subject to scarring in other places? 13 years ago #166

  • helen
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Although not medically qualified, I would definitely say NO to a steroid injection. Have you seen the doctor or patient leaflet that comes with it? There are serious risks attached to having a steroid and if you have 'A' your immune system is already compromised. My husband was offered a steroid injection for a frozen shoulder, but because I had a copy of the doctor's leaflet for KENALOG (triamcinolone) and he could see the vast list of serious adverse reactions, he declined. Please don't say YES without knowing all the facts.

Re:subject to scarring in other places? 13 years ago #169

  • gmedic123
  • Fresh Boarder
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thanks Helen,
thi was mt immedate response also. just seems that all the doc I have spoke with seem to hink t's ok sce there is no arachnoid space in the houlder.
that's why I am hoping doc sarah will have an defenative answer based on evidence.


Re:subject to scarring in other places? 13 years ago #172

  • DocSarah
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Hi Gina,

well, in brief, yes, some folk with arach. tend to scar badly, but the procedure your doc is suggesting won't impact on your arachnoid.

It all boils down to weighing up the pros and cons of the individual situation. What will happen if you don't have the operation? There are risks attached, sure, but then there are risks to not doing anything. You need to discuss this with the doctor proposing the operation.

I scar badly in general, but found a regime of nutritional supplements helped around the time of my last back surgery. I took a combination of vitamin C, zinc, MSM, vitamin E, giner (anti-inflammatory) to promote healing 4 weeks before and 6 weeks post-op. I certainly seemed to heal better than I expected.

Sorry, no definitive answer!
Hope this helps,
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