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TOPIC: coccyx/tailbone

coccyx/tailbone 13 years, 3 months ago #175

  • ann
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As an Arachnoiditis patient, I would like to ask Dr. Sarah if there is
any information on whether a Coccyx/Tailbone problem can or could be
related to Arachnoiditis?
Every so many months I have a flare up of Coccyx pain, which becomes
severe over a short period of time. So far, injections given to me in
that area have given me relief of the pain for an indefinite period of
time but that period seems to be getting shorter each time.
These injections are in addition to the Lumbar blocks and Facet(?
whatever) I've been receiving for the past couple of years.
I'd appreciate any information that may be available on this problem.
Thank you,
hi doc this question came on my mail ann

Re:coccyx/tailbone 13 years, 3 months ago #179

  • DocSarah
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hi, I answered this question accidentally in the asnwer on burning....

Tailbone pain tends to come on after trauma to the area, but could happen after a caudal epidural or might be related to pelvic pain. Other than that, it may simply be a side-effect of arach.



Re:coccyx/tailbone 13 years, 3 months ago #190

  • Kim
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Hi Ann send this on if the person doesn't follow the forum
That's my DocSarah - conservative to the last!
Have you ever asked your medical professionals is the product they are using on you is licensed for this use? Do they have any research to substantiate their claims that this will help with pain relief? Do you sign a Consent form for these procedures? If so, could I have a copy? Any patient information leaflets?
These procedures will never be declared unsafe by doctors, but they will be phased out as 'not economically viable' ie 'not value for money'.
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