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no multiple procedures
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TOPIC: no multiple procedures

no multiple procedures 12 years ago #518

  • Rick
Hello All,
In reading some of the posts, the comment that proving any 1 procedure caused arach is difficult. In my case I had but one Mylogram CT, 3 back injections, and finally surgery to \"grind down\" an area of bone in contact with nerves. That was seven years ago and now I am experiencing new symptoms and pain and had a recent MRI done, with intraveneous contrast and my neurologist said the scar tissue and inflamed area just \"lit up\" the MRI under the contrast and he had never seen anything like it. In the US, does being able to narrow the cause of the condition to a smaller universe of procedures help one from a legal standpoint. I have just discovered (suspect) this condition and am concerned about worst case long term care.

Any advice or opinions are appreciated.

Rick in Texas

Re:no multiple procedures 12 years ago #519

  • Helen
Hi Rick

I don't know of anyone who has successfully sued a doctor for causing arachnoiditis in the UK. I tried for 3 years, but my expert witness would not give \"causation\", so I had no choice but to give up. I was injured by two steroid epidurals - no surgery. The trouble is the \"experts\" are using the same drugs and techniques so I believe it's a \"closed shop\". If a court case set a precedent there would be a landslide of claims and cost millions.

Best wishes, Helen

Re:no multiple procedures 12 years ago #522

  • DocSarah
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HI Rick,

although much of medicolegal experience is in the UK, the principles remain the same and I'm afraid I suspect you would have to prove causation to have successful litigation and that might well be troublesome in your case: although if you have widespread arach. that would suggest a more chemical cause than focal (localised) arach. which tends to be post-surgical or trauma-related.



Re:no multiple procedures 12 years ago #523

  • Kim
Hi Doc
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 23:17:22 -0800

EDITED OUT - Copyright article posted on another site now taken down.
The article was called Complications of Cervical Epidural Steriod Injections from a site called
The article is as good as it gets in the US but agree with you no doctor in this country will put their hands up to 'causation'<br><br>Post edited by: Kim, at: 2007/02/14 03:15

Re:Edited article 12 years ago #524

  • Kim
I read the article from on Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections before it was pulled on the 'board' There are no worries it was just a literature review and of no use to anyone trying to find answers.
I can't get on the 'boards' so cannot answer these people
The Hippocatic Oath says - first do no harm - the next pledge the doctors have to make to their fellow doctors is - don't dob them in!!!

Re:Edited article 12 years ago #525

  • helen
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Hi Rick, Doc and Kim
I've just sent a feedback e-mail to, re their article about Steroid Epidurals - if you do a search for arachnoiditis the article is still there. I await their response and will keep you posted!

Regards Helen
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