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N.I.C.E. - EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTIONS 11 years, 10 months ago #554

  • helen
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Does anyone have the data in which NICE does not recommend ESI to treat back pain?
I contacted them some time ago and their response was as follows:-

Thank you for your email. Matters relating to the safety of drugs and other medical treatments as well as side effects are the responsibility of the MHRA and so you should address any enquiry about drug safety or side effects to them.

NICE looks at whether or not LICENSED treatments are clinically effective and represent good value for money for the NHS. We have not issued any guidane on pain relief injections although you can suggest NICE looks at this area via the \"get involved\" section of our website at,uk

if you are concerned about the performance of any individual doctor then you can contact the General Medical Council who may be able to investigate any allegations of professional misconduct.

Fraser Woodward
Communications Manager
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

I filled out their \"SUGGESTION\" questionnaire and have heard nothing since middle of 2006 !!

Nice have a consultation document in progress for the treatment of LOW BACK PAIN - see

This will be open for public comment in a few months !!

Regards Helen<br><br>Post edited by: helen, at: 2007/04/19 16:50

Re:N.I.C.E. - EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTIONS 11 years, 10 months ago #575

  • Aly
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Dear Helen, although I cannot answer your question directly this study is pretty current

kindly, Aly

Re:N.I.C.E. - EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTIONS 11 years, 10 months ago #576

  • helen
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Hi Aly
Thanks for your response. I hope everyone reading this, who believes they've been injured as a result of epidural steroid injections, will make comments!
Kind regards, Helen

Re:N.I.C.E. - EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTIONS 11 years, 10 months ago #577

  • suespoems
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Hi Helen
I am not sure if my epidural steroid injection caused my problem I certainly don't think it helped as my symptoms got worse after it.It was really painful which caused me to have severe leg pains for which I passed out.I also had a severe headache and also noticed it bled alot but thought all this was normal at the time and until recently.
Love Sue x
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Re:N.I.C.E. - EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTIONS 11 years, 2 months ago #678

  • Laine07
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Hi there,
i had surgery for a disc problem in 93 and was in awful pain, so it was deemed necessary for me to have a steroid spinal epidural, at the time i didnt know that i wouldnt be treated by someone qualified and didnt find out that the anaesthetist who actually did the proceedure was in fact a trainee who didnt even have anyone with her to control the situation.
( i only found out 7 yrs later which i believe is too late to complain? i didnt even get a consent form to sign until AFTER)
she totally ratted up the proceedure, went straight through the dura space and blood spinal fluid and the steroid went staraight up into my brain (thats what i was told) i passed out instantly when it felt i had been hit on the head with a brick. apparently my blood pressure went to almost zero whilst out cold and i had to be revived.
i was sent home a couple of hours later from the day case ward, and told \&quot;you may get a headache\&quot;
MAY?? my god/dess i have never experienced anything like it..... 10,000 jack hammers pounding in my head i couldnt even bear to stand up because of the pain all over my body, not just my head.
after approx 7 yrs i was finally told i had adhesive arachnoiditis which was diagnosed 6 yrs previously by mri scan.
at the same time i was told that an unsupervised trainee had actually carried out the proceedure and it was too late to do anything about it.
I've lived with the pain and neurological disturbances of arachnoiditis since '94.
I cope ok-ish most of the time, but sometimes the whole body pain is so bad that i cannot even get out of bed.
I've been tested for cauda equina too but they cannot make their mind up whether i have that too.
also..... a question..... my ankles swell a lot, i have bladder problems too which are getting steadily worse, all i get from clinics is \&quot;its your age\&quot; (now forgive me but im not THAT old) im 51, and before all this happened i never had any problems in any of the areas i have now.
and.... does anyone else get the vertigo attacks? the legs giving way without notice? the feeling of razor blades all over the body and someone shoving pins up your finger and toenails?

Re:N.I.C.E. - EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTIONS 11 years, 2 months ago #680

  • helen
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Hi Laine
Sorry to hear of your experience with epidural steroids. Too many patients are given these injections without adequate warning or consent. Sadly the problem is so widespread it's virtually impossible to bring about change - how do you change a culture that has been endemic in this specialism for 30 years and reverse the attitude \&quot;patients don't need to know\&quot;?. I continue to campaign on my own, but my health is deteriorating at such a pace that I doubt I will ever be successful.

Best wishes, Helen
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