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VERY IMPORTANT PERSON - Her name is Ann Noon - she is the moderator on this site and has a very important job. She is my eyes and ears. She keeps me and the Doc informed of what is going on the different boards out there in cyber space. I can't do it myself and Ann has promised to come down and show me. However I don't always have the time to surf the net, I can, like most of you, only sit here at the computer for short bursts of time. About 6pm is my limit and the rest of the world usually wake up at 9pm - 12a/pm (Got that right Midnight)? UK time.
She posted to boards last Friday before going away to celebrate her wedding anniversary and came home to posts saying \"Who is this Ann\"? Let me tell you she is the cornerstone of our local support group and the best friend anyone could ever ask to be part of their life. I suppose you could say she is not aware of computer etiquette, coming from someone who doesn't know how to get on sites is a bit rich. But she is so excited about being part of something positive. She doesn't 'post' to boards very often but sends on emails from people she thinks I can help with DocSarah articles.
Before she met me, over 10 years ago, she sent a prayer to be sent 'nice people who believed in her'. Well first she got me, and then, over time, I was able to open up a whole new world where people believed her because they themselves knew what arach could do to them.
Our support group produced a Mission statement after one of Ann's visits her and 'expletives deleted' we came up with this _
If you can't pick this up from the link - go to Articles - Latest Articles and Mission statement
Hope this works and will be checking:)
NEMESIS - goddess of indignation against and retribution for, evil deeds. Apparently regarded as an avenging or punishing divinity - I wish.
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