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1986 to 2008 !!
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TOPIC: 1986 to 2008 !!

1986 to 2008 !! 9 years, 6 months ago #825

  • Ginnie
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Hi this is the first time I'm written on this site.I was first diagnosed with AA and Fibromyalgia! in 91.I started with symptoms in 86.I did the usual rounds of Ortho's,Rheumotologists etc.Ben told numerous times "it's depression" and "it's all in your head".I was admitted twice into Hospital with Viral Meningitis,had my Ulnar Nerve re positiones twice,the last time ending up with a DVD on my lung.Then in 200 I had a Stoke.Despite me asking countless times if this was anything to do with the AA my Doctor wouldn't commit himself at all and just refised to say that it was AA and that he didn't know anything about AA ,this was despite me being told back in 91 that I was being registered Disabled because of having AA.We were told all about the Litigation etc by a Doctor friend and having consulted a solicitor got as far as having a Medical,a horrendous experience which I hope never to repeat.All this ended by being told I'd had surgery (2 lamanectomy's) and therefore even though AA was present it was caused by the Surgery and as my solicitor put it "It's closed Ranks" and pointless continuing.So last year I was being driven up the wall by my Swollen feet,walking on glass feeling and the pain that lasts 24/7.So I got brave!and actually insisted my GP refer me to someone,ANYONE !!and for the first time ever I saw a Neurologist last Summer.I had more MRI's and in January was told I had Demylination Disease or maybe MS.I've been on the Maximum dose of Gabapentin since then,which really hasn't helped at all,I have Tramadol as well.For the last 8 weeks I've been sleeping with my feet and legs out of bed because I can't bear to feel the sheets on my feet,it's like electric shocks if they touch them.So yesterday I had my latest,and last as it turns out,appointment with the Neurologist.I was shown into an examination room where my hubby and myself were offered a chair,the Neurologist came in and sat on the examination couch,asked if my Gabapentin was helping.I explained about my feet,loss of balance and Incontinence.He didn't examine me at all and said "well you know I think all these things are related to your Arachnoiditis"!!!! and that was it,I was told I wouldn't need to come again and that a pain clinic may help.We were in for under 5 minutes and I couldn't believe what had happened.My hubby,Richard just looked at me in the car and said "did that happen in there?they've taken over 19 years to admit you have AA ,nothing we can do,you can go now!I couldn't speak on the half hour journey home,I was just stunned.Today I feel strangely relieved,but of course non the wiser really as to where I go from here.I think I'm going to see my GP,I haven't seen him for a while,even though I'm on Beta Blockers for high BP and Anti Arythmia meds etc.But I will go and see him because I have the sense not to just stop taking Gabapentin completely,but I'm still in the dark about my feet,they really are bad and feel as though they're going to burst!I'm sorry if I've "gone on a bit"!I think I'm so relieved to know I've actually got it in writing to my GP now that it is AA.I know I'll find this site a Godsend.Thanks for letting me ramble.Take care,Ginnie:)
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