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Is it Cramp or Twitches!!
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TOPIC: Is it Cramp or Twitches!!

Is it Cramp or Twitches!! 7 years, 8 months ago #990

  • ginnie48
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Hi ,I'm not sure whats happening to my muscles but the Consultant at the Hospital Diabetic Clinic said it has nothing to do with Arachnoiditis,in fact he said that none of any symptoms ,be it pain,sweating etc had"Nothing at all to do with Arachnoiditis"!!But tonight and most nights and in the daytime too, this week especially,my feet and lower legs have minds of their own.My toes suddenly part and my big toes are straight upwards,then my feet just Twist,the right foot to the right and the left to the left!my Shin bone sticks out and then it goes to my Calf which just "bulges"!The pain is just horrendous and I have a pretty high pain threshhold,sometimes I ask my Husband to try and flatten my big toes and "push" my foot back straight but it's like a spring and as soon as he lets go it just twists again.It can last about 30 minutes ,sometimes not as long other times longer.It leaves me just exhausted.It happens in bed too when I turn over or stratch my legs.I also get this in my shoulder blades in bed and in the daytime if I try and turn to get something ,also in my ribs and occasionaly even in my neck and jaw!My own feeling is that it is the AA and especially after reading the Article on Muscle Twitchesbut neither my GP or the Neurologist will have it.It's getting worse and I really feel like printing the Article out and giving it to them to read!!!If anybody can relate to this I'd be really grateful as to what they do to help.I thought taking the maximum dose of Pregabalin with the Cymbalta might help but it hasn't so far and now they're saying that those Meds might be making my Blood sugars worse !I really feel awful at the moment ,I seem to be getting so many things to think about eg my Diabetes,my Autonomic Neuropathy etc,I really am getting down with it all.I'm ranting again but it upsets me when I see my Hubby upset because he can't do anything to help me.Thanks,Ginnie
I'm 62 years young,have been married to Richard for 37 years.We have a son and daughter a king charles cavalier called Georgie and a neurotic cat Tigger I was diagnosed with AA in 91.had a stroke in 2000.I also have Fibromyalgia and told I have diabetes type 2 in January.

Re: Is it Cramp or Twitches!! 7 years, 8 months ago #991

  • Kim
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Hi Ginnie
This is something DocSarah is going to have to answer so I have copied it into her. I know she is away this weekend so hopefully she will be able to reply by Monday. Try the full article on Itches and Twitches as although Muscle Twitches chapter is the most popular (well over 100,000 hits - yes Ann I know Jamie owes you 2-4,000). This whole article was written is response to other peoples desperate plea's for answers. Answers, won't stop the pain but it gives you some understanding and at least let's you know you are not on your own. I know, I know, when you are in the middle of a big flare-up, your attitude could be, like mine, so what! ( Oh! Why would you think a Consultant in Diabetes would know anything about arachnoiditis? Why are you feeling bad about his obvious ignorance?
You can print out any chapter or article from this site to give to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge!!!!
Take care
OK Ann Over 114,000 plus
Try this link in Itches and Twitches and wait for the doc to add anything else for your particular case!
NEMESIS - goddess of indignation against and retribution for, evil deeds. Apparently regarded as an avenging or punishing divinity - I wish.
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