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Question for the Doctor
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TOPIC: Question for the Doctor

Question for the Doctor 13 years, 3 months ago #327

  • Becky
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Hello, I am a new member and I am looking for answers to my recent diagnoses. First of all I had a laminectomy in 1994, everything has been fine for all these years until March of 2004. I started doing some reach for the sky excersize, then instantly I had pain. Went to my GP and he tried to treat me but could not. He sent me to an Ortho, which did an MRI and dx me with Degenerative disc disease L-4 L-5. This is where I also had my surgery years ago.I had my first epidural which was done in the office with me laying on my side. It was so painful and felt like someone was standing on my back. I ended up going to ER that wknd because I could not walk. Nothing was mentioned about this by the Ortho. A few months later he did it again this time we did it at the near surgery center.This was a far better injection with no pain. I ended up going to the original ortho that did my surgery to get his advise, once again I had another epidural, this time he ended up puncturing my dura sack, I had an instant headache when I raised my head. He attempted to do a blood patch, well that did not go well at all and we ended up not doing it because he could not get the needle in there since there was so much blockage and it was horribly painful.Maybe he should not have even tried doing that epidural to begin with huh? exactly one week later, I woke up with a horrible headache, went to work had it all day. When I got home I started vomiting horribly, and I could not stop, I couldn't even lift my head, so I was laying in all of this vomit oh boy. My boyfriend came over and called 911. They did every test there was.I was in there for 5 days still had the headache and vomiting.The ortho, nuerologist, and my own GP were all acting funny, you could tell they were all hiding something.Since they could not find anything the neurologist asked me if I wanted him to do a spinal tap. That was the only test left. I refused and went home the next day. I was off work for 2 weeks and was very sick.
After all of that they recommended me to see the surgeon, he ordered a discogram which could not be done, the Pain Managment Dr preforming the procedure said I was in horrible pain and he could not get the needle in. After all of this I was recommended to see a pain managment doc. I went to the Dr who tried to do the procedure, He put me on meds and wanted to do a caudal epidural, which I agreed to.It went fine but I did not find any relief.While he was doing this injection he injected dye so he could see why he could not do the discogram.I needed my FMLA paper work filled out and this is when he dx me with arachnoiditis. Never discussed it with me. I had to learn everything from the internet. I do have an appt with him on march 14, and I want some answers. The pain meds do not work right and they make me feel like I am a druggy in this horrible pain I would not wish on anyone. Maybe the DR who did it. Do you know Doc Sarah, when and how I got this? This has been such a horrible experience, whats next? I would appreciate any advise.
Thanks for listening

Re:Question for the Doctor 13 years, 2 months ago #354

  • Ang
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Dear DocSarah,

Here I am again asking for help. The symptoms have continued to increase. Could you please help me? If the autonomic system seems to be affected (excessive sweating especially at night, hormonal changes, has not had a period in 4 months, increased massive headaches along with large amount of weight gain) does it mean that things are \"progressing continually\". Does the involvement of this system in addition to increased pain mean that the disease will not \"plateau\". Can the autonomic symptoms be controlled in any way? Thank you so much for addressing my concerns.
Reagards, Ang

Re:Question for the Doctor 13 years, 1 month ago #356

  • Ang
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Hi DocSarah,
We belong to another support group for AA and on it there was a post made that AA reduces one's life by 12 years. Could you please comment on this statement? Once again, thank you for all your help.
Best to you, Ang

Re:Question for the Doctor 13 years, 1 month ago #357

  • ann
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Hi Ang
This is Kim here down visiting Ann as I have no computer at the moment.
This old chestnut about arachnoiditis shortening your life by 12 years comes from one report by a chap called Guyer. He did a literature review and included in his figures people who had committed suicide (? unknown related or what).Totalled all his fugures up and found a mean average. Bingo you get 12 years knocked off your life expectancy. Seeing as how I plan to live until I am 135, I'm not bothered!!!!
Sorry about any typo's but with these small eye balls I can barely see the screen. This was why I decided to get a new computer. Got everything sorted and the hard drive on my old computer went down, sulking! So I haven't had a computer for two weeks now and feeling very left out. Hope to have it sorted by early next week. I can read emails but not reply to them:S
Be back on line next week with a big screen to help my small eye balls.
Having a meeting with Ann now about our radio show on Thursday. Still busy writing the scripts.
Hi Doc if you are about, not ignoring you will email when I can
Bye for now
aka Kim

Re:Question for the Doctor 13 years, 1 month ago #358

  • Ang
  • Junior Boarder
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Kim, thank you so much for your response, I suppose I am a bit reassured, if you want to call it that.
Again, thanks, Ang

Re:Question for the Doctor 13 years, 1 month ago #360

  • DocSarah
  • Expert Boarder
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Dear Ang,

the new symptoms do not necessarily mean progression. They are all part of the body's response to chronic pain.

In answer to your question about 12year shortening of lifespan: that was an average figure and really statistics are pretty meaningless. Arach. is not life-threatening as such, but debilitating and with reduced mobility and polypharmacy (a cocktail of medication to combat pain etc.) there can be added 'morbidity' (illness) in other systems of the body (e.g. cardiac, respiratory) but overall not a direct increase in 'mortality' (death rate).

Hope this helps


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