The Expert Patient Programme

Tuesday, 05 April 2005 16:29


This initiative, based on the notion that patients are more expert in how their illness affects them than doctors or other healthcare professionals, has been partially effective, but various parties have expressed considerable concerns as to the self-referral policy and lack of professionally trained input. 

Clinical Standards Advisory Group  (Commission for Health Improvement) Report, 2000

This report was highly critical of the services in the UK.

"Expertise in treating chronic pain is scarce; typically, there is underprovision of services, and significant unexpressed demand."

"Many specialist pain services are too poorly resourced to meet local need, and there are unacceptable waiting times for many patients. There is a significant lack of specialised and general nursing."

(Watch out for a report in Serendipity from an Expert Patient who went on one of these courses - Ed)