Updated Website

Saturday, 12 February 2011 21:46

Updated Website

Sorry the update and improvement to the website has taken so long but I think it has been worth it.
However I have managed to post the last three weekly blogs from DocSarah so nothing has been lost in the way of contact and information. They are just in BLOGS at the moment but I will move them to the Front Page shortly.

You can still email DocSarah from the website to get an individual, private reply but please remember that she cannot diagnose you (that would be unethical) but she can give you advice on how to talk with your own medical professionals.

Also DocSarah does not have a private practice so you cannot be referred to for a consultation.Because of this, DocSarah cannot advocate or endorse any type of treatments which might become available. However she does investigate any and all those that have been proposed. In fact I asked her to investigate a trial ongoing in the UK for people with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). She has already been in touch with the trial team and although they do not accept people with arachnoiditis, I know she will keep an eye on the results for us.

I should also be able to post next week, an unedited version of an article she wrote which was quoted in a chapter for Dr Aldretes' last book.

I have at last had a transcript of the lecture she gave at the Chamberry meeting. There is a slide show as well but not sure about how best to present that yet.

Lastly but certainly not least, I hope to be able to post the results of the first survey and they sound very good. Although, I would like more of you to complete it for us. It is an open survey, which will never close, so it is never too late. This may be the only legitimate voice we get - whether diagnosed or not - you all count!

Thank you for time, best wishes