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Muscle weakness
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TOPIC: Muscle weakness

Re:Muscle weakness 15 years, 8 months ago #370

  • DocSarah
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forgot to answer your PS!

Basically I try to combat pain with a combination of medication inclduing tramadol and amitriptyline plus other add-ons when necessary (diazepam, gabapentin, oramorph etc.). I also use massage, heat, TENS, gentle exercise (swimming).

I also have bladder and bowel problems and the latter are the most troublesome problems at the moment as regards my quality of life. I have to do daily colonic irrigation plus a few other things to keep my bowels under control but may end up needing an ileostomy at some point. Please don't worry that this will happen to you though as it is not a common situation in AA. In fact I have been investigated for MS and my AA does resemble MS.

There are no easy answers. I use a lot of 'thinking' techniques to deal with the psychological impact of the illness; sometimes they work, other times I cope rather less well! You'd think after 25 years+ of chronic pain I'd have it sussed by now! HOwever, I think coping with chronic pain is rather like learning to walk a tightrope: no matter how skilled you get, there's always something unexpected that can send you flying so you need a safety net.

Hope this helps,

Re:Muscle weakness 15 years, 7 months ago #380

  • Catlover1
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Doc Sarah,
Thank you for your response to my original complaint of muscle weakness.
I had an MRI done . and the diagnosis is a herniated disc and several degenerated discs with all the usual problems, stenosis etc.....
It is affecting my bladder, and I`n seeing the neurosurgeon again on Monday with a list of questions! But no spinal blocks for me, thank you!!!
Sorry to hear about your problems but would like to say that having an Ileostomy is really nothing to worry about! I`ve had mine now for almost 8 years, and the quality of my life has improved with it.
Keep well,

Re:Muscle weakness 15 years, 7 months ago #381

I am 68 and had 3 or 4 Myelograms between 1968 and 1978 and other lumber punctures since plus a number of operations. I now have a rod on either side of my spine due to a 10 mtr fall. and have been put on Oxy Contin, 40mg morning and night and later together with Valpro 200. Since taking the Valpro I have not suffered with twiching legs (Nervous Leg Sydrome). Taking the both medications together I have been able to exercise, -- Pilates --. I am now becoming much stronger and my musceles are rebuilding. I mentioned the Valpro to my brother who suffers badly with Nervous Leg Sydrome. His Doctor prescribed Valpro for him and now he suffers no more.
I have had 4 Myelograms since 1968 and have a rod on either side of spine. My legs were getting very week and muscle wasting. Have been taking 40mg OxyContin day & night with Valpro 200. Valpro stops the Nervous Leg Sydrome. Started the true Pilates with Physiotherapy and am getting much stronger.
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