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Medtronics Infuse rhBmp-2
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TOPIC: Medtronics Infuse rhBmp-2

Re: Medtronics Infuse rhBmp-2 11 years, 1 month ago #1102

I would give careful consideration to the Infuse product. The alternative is what has been used for many years and that is a piece of your husbands own bone. They remove a small piece from the top of the hip, the iliac crest. You can go online to Google and look up Medtronic Infuse side effects or lawsuits.
This product has caused severe neuro inflammation, retrograde ejaculation, permanent nerve damage and many other severe side effects. I worked in health care for many years, this knowledge after my disabling injury from this product allowed me to research and ask the right questions. I have found many people who have suffered some painful temporary and some permanent conditions. This is a serious decision and should not be rushed into, I am 51 and cannot work, I have been put on permanent disability and suffer severe pain 24 hours a day. I take morphine several times daily. I wish you the best and hope you and your husband are given the best possiable care. As a side note you can go to Medtronics web site and under "Physician Collaboration"
look for your doctors name. Medtronic has been giving large payments to doctors stating that it is for "consulting". Its just another incentive for a doctor to use the product and put financial gain over patient care.
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Re: Medtronics Infuse rhBmp-2 11 years, 1 month ago #1103

  • Eldridge
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Thank you, I did not find the doctor's name listed. I hope that is not a greater concern if he hasn't even been trained either!!

Re: Medtronics Infuse rhBmp-2 10 years, 5 months ago #1151

THANK YOU!! for this information! I will definitely read these studies! By the way, lots of libraries, especially at colleges, have access to PUBMED, so enquire there. I myself have had two lumbar surgeries when BMP was used. The first time I broke out with HUGE welts/hives the size of my hands and raised almost 1/3 inch ! I was required to take several IM injections of Vistaril and still have problems with terrible pruritis to this date. I also had trouble swallowing, confusion, headaches and stuttering post surgery and my Dr mentioned once that I probably had a reaction to bone protein... I didnt realize what he was referring to until much later! as in the neurological effects. I thought that he was just referring to the rash because he did not elaborate.

Re: Medtronics Infuse rhBmp-2 10 years, 3 months ago #1157

Can you help me determine if Medtronics Infuse was used on me? I have been in a living hell for nine years. I've been "doped up" and time went by without me knowing it. Just recently it was brought to my attention that Infuse might have been used on me? The hospital records show a Heelos pad was used over the graft Medtronics products are shown. I have had the medical problems associated Infuse rhBMP2. I believe my surgeon was given a small (sample) vial of Infuse and he put it over the graft.

1)2003 anterior-posterior lumbar fusion L4-5 &L5-S1. 5 minutes before surgery the PA has me sign a release for a new product to make the fusion bond better. graft over posterior lumbar
2) 3 weeks later, horrific body infection hospitalized 5 days. the pain is thru-out my entire body shoulders extreme pain at fusion site.
3) 6 months post fusion, acupuncturiest can't stick needles in my lumbar muscles. bent needles.
4) 1 year post fusion anterior cage not fused. (absorption) graft is fused.
5) mri's say the surgeon did a good job with placements etc. Then why my horrific pain at the fusion site?
6 I had swallowing problems and it was determined I had achalasic. the nerves in the throat and esophagus stop working why? surgery 2006
7) second heart attack from pain. in 2006
8) implanted electrical pain pump 2010
9) Medtronics morphine pain pump 2011
10) except for cancer I have the other problems associated with Infuse.

My surgeon closed his office? I'm afraid that the release form is gone. Can I have a biopsy done to show Infuse might have been used? I could take pain before this, but this has brought me to my knees with the terrible lumbar muscle spasms and nerve pain at the fusion site.

Another patient has mirrored my same problems. She was a police officer and its ruined her life.

any suggestions would be truly appreciated. I've run into road blocks.
7. implanted pain stimulator.

Re: Medtronics Infuse rhBmp-2 10 years, 3 months ago #1158

  • helen
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Dear Mike
I cannot answer your questions, but my mother had a lumbar fusion using bone protein. She developed a terrible itching sensation all over her body which lasted for several weeks and was blamed on the blood thinning drug she was given after surgery. I knew nothing about the Medtronics Infuse scandal until seeing it on this website. Hope you get some more helpful responses.
Best wishes Helen

Re: Medtronics Infuse rhBmp-2 9 years, 7 months ago #1296

Wow I am going through the same issues!! I do have proof that INFUSE BMP was used, without my permission or knowledge!!
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