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re: NEW Sources on ARC/aa!
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TOPIC: re: NEW Sources on ARC/aa!

re: NEW Sources on ARC/aa! 16 years, 12 months ago #309

Hello all arachniacs and DocSarah:

Most of us have been under the impression that our condition was 'rare', obscure, seldom seen, and 'ARC/aa is something little is known about'..

I am about to blow that charade into tiny little pieces. My question for DocSArah, and comment to all, is to notify all of you that Google has been scanning every book known to man, across the globe, for many years now. A portion of those digital records have now come to light, and guess what? THE conspiracy and coverup of the 20th century has been revealed in all its glory.

Google Book
has over 1400 PAGES, at roughly ten books a page, of neurology, medical and scientific books covering arachnoiditis. No, you didn't misread that. Hundreds and hundreds of medical texts, most all in English, over the last 10-30 years, show extensive knowledge of, and medico-scientific understanding of arachnoiditis. While you need to be a member or book partner of Google to get total access to the books, an email to Google Book, at CONTACT GOOGLE BOOKS, should get you permission to browse. You won't be allowed total access to the books, BUT you will be able to read most of the references on arachnoiditis. What you will find should astound all of you. IF you explain our medical condition, and your reason for needing free access to reading these texts, Google usually allows you in.

Question: DocSarah: Did you have any idea there was this much information collected on arachnoiditis in medical and scientific texts? We need your help in publicising this incredible development. They have known all along about ARC/aa. The detail in these books, which runs from a couple of pages, to a couple of chapters or more, is mind-boggling. The main concern is, when information of arach became available to patients in Australia, and other countries, suddenly the medical texts started disappearing. There are only a few of these books available at the regular outlets. Most book sellers are down to their last one or two titles.

Can DocSarah help us arachniacs compile and collect some of these more pertinent books, before they 'vanish' so that we can all have the proof that this condition was more than an urban myth?

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