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Hip replacement
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TOPIC: Hip replacement

Hip replacement 13 years, 11 months ago #764

  • nicoletti
Hello Doc Sarah.I have all pain on my left which is the site my arachnoiditis.I should say that is where the symptoms from hell show up.My hip on the left has been implacated in the pain scenerio.I was told by several Doc's that they thought it was bursitis and I was filled with cortizone for no good reason.I finally found a good ortho who diagnosed this as osteoarthritis.The catscan showed a birth defect known as slipped capital femoral epipysis.I had no cartilage left,bone on bone. On a major tendon involved in the hip there was large calcium deposit as well as a bone spurs!I thought this was all adhesive arachnoiditis. I had the replacement on Dec.18th.Today is the 9th! Doc Sarah do you know of any other patients with hip pain that was causing terrific pain that turned out to be the hip indeed. My surgeon put me on 100 fentanyl patches plus 20 mgs methadone every 6-8 hrs!It took me a long time to get off the patches,then on to methadone only! The surgery went well and it is just starting to heal.Oh but it hurts like hades!Should I be concerned with the meds?

Re:Hip replacement 13 years, 9 months ago #774

  • DocSarah
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Sorry not to answer sooner Scott. In brief, yes I have seen lots of folk with hip pain from their back and others with hip pain from their hips, and yet others (like myself) who have a combination...there is a tricky overlap. Rule of thumb is not to assume all pain is related to arach.: any persistent new pain should be fully checked out.

On the meds: quite a hefty mix, watch the methadone, it can act unpredictably.

Take care

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